The University of Stockholm Summer School programme was a fantastic opportunity offered to me by both Southampton Law School & Stockholm Law School, and I had an amazing time! Sweden is a stunning European city that everyone should take the time to visit. If you’re wondering whether to sign up for this next year, take the leap! It’s a straightforward application and both Universities provide a lot of help.

In the two weeks I spent in Stockholm, my time was split between the interesting International Criminal Law course and the charming city. One day, I’d be in class for 6 hours learning fascinating new things. The next day, I’d be living my dream at the ABBA museum dancing to Mamma Mia!

The organisers of the Summer School also provided helpful continuous advice on what restaurants to visit that were a bit cheaper than the usual Stockholm price. So, when they mentioned a Vegetarian buffet I couldn’t have been happier! They also organised a great social events calendar, where I had the chance to a guided tour around Stockholm City Hall and the Old Town.

But one thing everyone was excited for was the chance to take part in fika. Fika isn’t anything other than a coffee break, but it’s a part of everyday life for Swedes. It’s a moment to flow down and appreciate the good things in life. You make time to take a break and at any Swedish workplace, there is always a fika break.

Overall, this trip was amazing, and I would 100% do it again! I’m grateful for the opportunity and will remember it forever.

University of Stockholm Summer School Experience!

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