My study abroad placement was Adelaide, South Australia. When I left England on the 14th February I would never have thought it would take me a grand total of 50 hours to arrive at my final destination. Missing a flight connection from Dubai to Australia¬†was not part of the plan. But as the plane circled Dubai for the 12th time all I could do was stare at the flight information on the screen with 100% certainty that I was not making that next flight. In the end though, missing that flight turned out to be great!¬†February 2017 is the beginning of the Fringe Festival (blog post on this to follow), so waiting in the airport for the airline to inform us all what to do, were a multitude of eclectic, international performers all travelling to Adelaide on the same flight. The result of this was that I got stuck for 24 hours with the UK beatboxing champion “Ball Zee” and on the next flight was sat next to a South African tribal dance troupe. I learnt from this that not all things that initially seem like a disaster will end badly and that talking to all kinds of people is likely to be the most important thing about studying abroad!

Traveling to your destination

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