Australia is quite literally on the other side of the planet, with roughly 13,000 km of Earth between Southampton and Adelaide you can bet your body that it will be sore, stiff and tired after sailing the Jet streams for a full 24 hours. You may ask yourself if it is worth the cost and physical desperation. However if the idea of this epic journey does not get your blood pumping, then I can assure you that exploring Adelaide for the first time will. Enjoying the sun on a warm sandy beach will be at the center of your experience before long. From here, you can see beautiful sea creatures and explore the oceans. Adelaide is a pure spectacle in terms of wildlife, countless exotic birds roam the skies and encase the trees. If you love nature you will love Adelaide. In the summer that is. All though the birds remain during the winter, the wondrous, child like gaze you achieve during the sunny months will be lost in weather that is simply comparable to England. However, when winter comes, you will not have long before you can jet off to other various and much warmer places in Australia. If you are lucky enough to not have been crippled by the cost of travelling to and funding your stay in Australia then marvellous coastal cities and rain forests and the far far away lands of New Zealand will await your arrival.

My experience of Adelaide does however go beyond the sun and the wildlife. Mad march offers ample music and comedy entertainment with a buzzing parade and endless street buskers. The city comes alive. The people of Adelaide are fantastic and you will be making countless friends before even having the chance to sample the many food and beverage delights the city has to offer. There are endless places around the area to visit and the university has an opportunistic mid semester break. I managed to visit Sydney during this time, enjoying the aquarium and surrounding country side including the Blue Mountains, which are a must-see.

Exploring the Jenolan caves and its geological formations.
Exploring the Jenolan caves near Sydney and its geological formations. (that is a shoal formed by dribbling water, stained red by overlying clay particles)
Earning money in Victoria's desert gem stone "mildura"
Earning money in Victoria’s desert “gem stone” – Mildura. (Before jetting of to the tropical Cairns)

The first few weeks may be a rush to find accommodation and get things going, however the university offers plenty of guidance and it very quickly becomes a home from home.

Be sure to equip your-self with a stubby holder and corked hat. And watch out for the drop-bears!

The Other Side of the World

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