My name is Paras and I am currently studying abroad at Charles University in Prague. Firstly, I want to say how happy I am to hear that you are thinking about studying abroad – it is definitely the right decision wherever you go! I am going to talk about a few different things that you need to know before going. I will give some general advice and then some advice on Prague and the Czech Republic.

The most important worry is money. First off, continue any budgeting methods you were already using at uni, irrespective of country. But also, it is important to research and get a rough idea of what is expensive and isn’t expensive at your chosen destination. A common misconception can be that if one item is cheap then everything will relatively be the same. For example in Prague, beer, alcohol, and public transport is quite cheap. Eating food from restaurants, takeaways or kebab shops depends on which type of business or which area you go to (same as the UK – the more central you go the more expensive things get). However, groceries are definitely the same price as the UK and this surprised me the most. Expect franchises and brands to cost the exact same too of course. Overall, it is cheaper than the UK and it is very easy to cut costs here if you are being smart – you’ll understand how stuff works as you go along the way so don’t worry too much. 

In terms of making friends, it is more or less the same as it is when you enter first year in the UK – join Whatsapp group chats, Facebook groups, events group chats for parties and the like. In Charles in Prague specifically, there were also group chats for various faculties depending on which one you were in. It was also helpful as in the welcome meeting before I came we made a group chat for it in the Microsoft teams chat of the meeting and had a common room in my accom. Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much, other people going on a study abroad are in the same position as you and also want to make friends. So even if the first few weeks are difficult, have patience and trust the process. You will definitely not be lonely, just put yourself out there with no regrets!!

Lastly, language. Again, this is country dependent but if you are going to a country where there was no language requirement then most people speak English right? Not always. Even if that is the case, please at least learn 10-15 words because it shows the locals that you care and when you speak their language they do truly appreciate it. In Prague, in the centre I’d say about 80% of people speak English however the further you go out it becomes basically non-existent. Definitely learn some Czech before you go, using Duolingo or any youtube video just to give you a start on the language.

If you want to live each month in detail through the lens of my writing then check out my blog on the other university platform. I have attached the link here:

There are many wonderful pictures and if you scroll down from the ‘about you’ page to the archives and recent posts, you can read each month there.

Yours Truly,


The heartbeat of Europe, the city of Praha.

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