I am feeling rather nostalgic already with only two weeks left here in Sydney! I may have only been here five months but the friends, the experiences and the fantastic university will stay with me forever. I don’t think anyone should turn down the opportunity to study abroad because it may be daunting, terrifying, and even lonely at times, BUT nowhere can you find an opportunity to be part of something this amazing! I’ve had the chance to discover academia alongside some amazing people from all over the world that share a passion for learning.  I know that when I return home I will not only have this great story to tell but also I can carry this experience through my life knowing that I was the person who took this daunting adventure and came out the other side as a changed person. If anyone is reading this blog and is unsure about studying abroad I urge you to do it because you will never regret it. I promise you.

It is exam month here at the moment and I’ve managed to complete three already with only one to go! The lectures and seminars have ceased for the semester but I hope I’ve managed to imprint myself on my fellow class-mates as much as they have on me. I did mention my favourite book to the class and several people went out and bought it. I’m now getting messages telling me how much they love it! Yay!

In the weeks that have led up to the closure of my time in Sydney I have managed to fit in a few things in between exams and revision. These include a crazy bike-ride on city roads (I genuinely got panic attacks every time a car came near me, which was very often as you can imagine). We tried to find some pretty river miles away but ended up in an industrial estate then at the airport…but it was a totally great day!


My house mate also wanted me to star in her film she was making for one of her modules. I’ve never acted in my life. The whole house for the whole weekend was busy with a film crew, lights and home baked cookies. It was amazing, terrifying, embarrassing and hilarious! Future actress I think so! I’m so excited to see my debut in a week!


But apart from establishing my new acting career we also visited Vivid Sydney. This is where certain buildings, such as the Opera house, Town Hall and even the University, are lit up with vibrant colours! I’m thinking I might start a Vivid Southampton, who’s in?




Yesterday the University held a goodbye party with emotional music, inspiring speeches and chocolate covered strawberries mmmmm. It was held in the church type room of the Quadrangle where we had our welcome talk five moths ago. They also had a funky photo booth that was connected to a projector so that all our faces were plastered against the far wall of the building! Apart from taking home with me copious amounts of left over food, I also took with me a sadness that my adventure was coming to a close.



Now this is the next chapter of my adventure. After finishing my last exam I am planning a trip to Cairns and travelling back down the East Coast. So thank you for having me Sydney! And thank you for supplying us Brits with the satisfaction of finding a little piece of home down under.


A red (wooden) phone box. You are probably thinking, Ah it is wood instead of metal because it never rains and so won’t rot like in England. Wrong wrong wrong. If there is something I’ve learn from being here it’s that Australia does not have never ending sunshine. After laughing at the university students for wearing hats, gloves and coats when it was still tropical in my mind, I finally succumbed to buying a scarf, yes a scarf, because I began feeling the cold. Not to mention my umbrella has imploded, may it rest in peace, from the incredibly strong wind that accompanies the rain. All those shorts I packed in my suitcase are looking a little silly now…


The end is near

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