Parents visiting and spontaneous work

Under King Williams street bridge

The title almost sounds like my parents visiting prompted me to do some uni work… So due to most of my family living in Australia, my parents have been traveling around and came down to see me last weekend. It

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A Recap of My First Week (and a half) in Adelaide

Feeding kangaroos at Urimbirra

I’m feeling too sensitive to do proper work so I thought I’d write another blog post about my first full week here. So where did I get up to last time… Okay finally got wifi working on my laptop and

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Moving and Settling In

18th July: 12:52 So I’m sitting on the plane between two strangers waiting to take off…and I was trying to knit, but my hands were shaking, so I thought I’d write this instead. As most other exchange students do I

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Semester Abroad at the University of Adelaide, Australia

So I was lucky enough to be offered an exchange at the University of Adelaide in Australia for the first Semester of my final year of my BSc Population and Geography degree. Firstly I was apprehensive of accepting this and

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Adelaide, Australia: Part 1

Hello, I’m Hetal and I am a third year Philosophy student and am currently on my year abroad at the University of Adelaide, Australia.   Getting here The journey from London to Adelaide was, to put lightly, a long one.

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