Hi everyone, my name is Jessie, a Third Year undergraduate student at Southampton university, studying LLB Law & International Legal Studies. This is my first blog post. I went on a full year’s Exchange at the Chinese University of Hong Kong last year and it had indeed been an incredible and unforgettable experience for me. In this blog post, I will mainly focus on showing your guys some of the amazing attractions I have been to and you perhaps also would like to visit if you are about to go on an exchange in Hong Kong. I hope you find this post useful. The pictures you will find below are all taken by myself, right on the spot, so they truly reflect what those places look like. Enjoy!


1) Victorian Harbour- Peak View: The Real HK


The energetic Victorian Harbour is truly Hong Kong’s lifeline and is certainly one of many amazing places you got to visit in Hong Kong.
With its constant parade of vessels and breathtaking surrounding scenery, a harbour cruise is a must do on any trip to Hong Kong.
And as night time falls, when all the sparking lights began to shine bright as millions of stars upon the sky, you will witness the best night scenic views in Hong Kong and I promise you will never forget that experience.
So please do get onto a Star Ferry in the Harbour and have a dreamlike moment!






2) Big Buddha, Lantau Island: Worship
The remote Po Lin Monastery, hidden away by lush mountains, became a popular attraction when the extraordinary Tian Tan Buddha State was erected in 1993.
Climb the 268 steps for a closer look of the statue in hot weathers can be particularly challenging, especially there are no shelters midways and it seems tourists are compelled to climb up to the top of the stairs in one breath. However,  I found the experience very thrilling and unforgettable, and now I am no longer afraid of height !

Opposite the statue, the Po Lin Monastery is one of Hong Kong’s most important Buddhist sanctums and has been dubbed ‘ the Buddhist World in the South.’

You can also enjoy a meal at its popular vegetation restaurant.







3) Nan Lian Garden + Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowloon: 

Nan Lina Garden is established in 1934 and renovated in Tang Dynasty style in 1990 with hill, water features, trees, rocks and wooden structures.

The structures and features of the bulldogs and the garden are very elegant. And if you wish to find a place where you can get away from the noise of the busy streets and pacify your mind, then Nan Lian Garden is certainly a place you must go and pay a visit.

The Chi Lin Nunnery is a large temple complex of elegant wooden architecture. The complex also includes a series of temple halls, some of which contain gold, clay and wooden statues representing divinities such as the Sakyamuni Buddha and Bodhisattva.


















4) Sai Kung Harbour: Find Nature 

Sai Kung is a small fishing village with picturesque boats, beaches, mountains and forests.
It is a place where you find what true nature is.

You can witness the fishing village where fishermen sell their freshly caught seafood on their sampas, or walk down the street lined with many pop up stalls selling very interesting things or explore the forest which lay beside the beach and hear the birds sing.












5) 1881 Heritage:  ‘Colonial Time’  
 1881 Heritage was previously named ‘The Former Marine Police Headquarters Compound.’ It was constructed in 1884, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
During the Japanese Occupation period, extensive underground tunnels were constructed beneath the lawn but after WW2, these tunnels were blocked and the lawn was returned for the safety of the public.
This is the place where you would be able to ‘travel through time’ and get to experience the ‘1881 feeling.’
AND please please visit this place during the night time, you will be amazed of how beautiful the place is.
6) Kowloon Walled City Park: Ancient Park

The Kowloon Walled City Park is a historical park in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. It had been a military stronghold since 15th century due to its costal location and was a centre of vice and crime until 1987.

The park is designed as a Jiangnan garden of the early Qing Dynasty.

Other places to visit:

Final Court of Appeal of Hong Kong:
Bank of China Building:
The Peninsula Hotel:

Founded by members of the Kadoorie family The Peninsula was built with the idea that it would be “the finest hotel east of Suez”. Originally planned for a 1924 opening. at the end of the Battle of Hong Kong, British colonial officials led by the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Mark Aitchison Young, surrendered in person at the Japanese headquarters on the third floor of The Peninsula.

AND finally: our university! 🙂 
CUHK Central library
 Hi sorry I just realised that you probably would not be able to see pictures of Central Library and the Peninsula hotel if you access this blog with your phone. So if you have a laptop with you, you would be able to see the full blog post. Thanks 😀
Thank you very much for reading this blog! Free to comment on this blog post.
Some amazing places you got to visit in Hong Kong! Pictures speak

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