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Here are some images of the very busy Shibuya! It’s a fantastic place but as you can see, extremely busy!
Although there are some fantastic clothing stores, be careful of your Yen otherwise it will disappear very quickly, bargains everywhere! I purchased some great dvds from the also famous Tower records in Tokyo, where you can find anything music related, which has six floors I believe, at the bottom of the building is a special floor for famous Idols (kpop, Jrock etc etc) who visit and perform from time to time (there are also local idol groups as well),  my friend Mari was stuck on the 4th floor, which holds all of the newest kpop releases!

Also there is a lot of advertising for the newest Boruto series and Kuroko no basuke:the last game! on the giant billboards, you could hear the voice actors over the traffic!  (if anyone is not familiar, Boruto is the next generation from a series called Naruto, which is a Japanese anime and kuroko no basuke is also a Japanese anime but a separate series)
Warning note and tip!
# Japan is hot during the months of april-august, like any place for summer, so I suggest when travelling to Tokyo please remember to eat regularly and bring water with you, as you do not want to pass out in the middle of the street or inside a train in Shibuya station like I did! The trains can get packed en route or when you’re returning home, so please everyone be careful!

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Shopping in Shibuya!

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