My second month in Adelaide involved a lot of the day to day joys that come with finding a routine in a new place.

Settling in and discovering a new city means I have actually enjoyed the simple things like walking along the river at 9am to go Uni, procrastinating in the library with new friends, both food and clothes shopping at new places, and finding new places to go out with friends.

The second month has also included my first exam followed by a much needed mid-semester break. My first exam meant that a lot of my second month involved preparation and revision but I celebrated its end by seeing Bridget Jones’ Baby at the Cinema with some friends, which was hilarious! I took the mid-semester break to explore the city a bit – for me this meant finding bookshops, reading by the river when it was sunny and spending a day strolling round the South Australian Museum. Having a break at University, time that I would normally spend with family, has definitely made me miss my family a lot, but has been overcome with the excitement of my brother visiting next week!

Second Month in Adelaide

Natasha Skinner

Third year Law student currently studying in Adelaide

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