Becoming a ‘latte-drinking wool scarf’ – University of Iceland Staff Training Week

Sunset in Reykjavik

Before I introduce myself, let me first explain this blog title. A ‘latte-drinking wool scarf’ is the name Icelanders give to those fellow Icelanders who live in the centre of Reykjavik (which is 60% of the population). During my week in Reykjavik on

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Climbing Fuji-San

Ilsa Jones_1

Two words – Absolute Hell. And yet, totally worth it. My climb started at 11am on Monday morning from the 5th station of the Yoshida Trail. We started off slow and just got slower. On average we walked for 5-10

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Take me out to the ball game (Peter does sports?!)


Baseball is as American as stars and stripes and an unhealthy dislike for the monarchy. There is hardly a person on the continent, at least in its north eastern parts, who do not support, watch or have played this quintessentially

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Not a bad commute…


Starts, as do most across the civilized world, with a large thermos flask of something as hot as it is caffeinated. The first stage of my journey is the 10 minute drive to Hillsdale Station. Driving through the archetypal American

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Back to Where it All Began/ 72 Hours in Hong Kong


Whenever someone asks me ‘where are you from?’, I never know what to say. I was born in Hong Kong but I don’t have a Chinese passport. I lived in Brooklyn and had an American accent but I don’t have

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Fourth of July!

As you might expect, the 4th of July does not mean the same as it does to you. To me, it is not so much about liberty, freedom of religion, or even fair representation. Well over a hundred years after the

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