Two months in lol

Oi Galera, After being here just over two months, I can finally say I feel settled, and knowing that I’m going to be here for a year no longer fills me with fear, but excitement. Now that I’m reaching a

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Riding out the Hurricane

Hi again! My second month of being an exchange student at the University of Miami is almost up, which feels strange, because I only just got back to Miami last Saturday. Full disclosure: I haven’t had class for three and

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Tourist to (temporary) Resident


Being here for just shy of a month has been absolutely amazing, and I’m sure that will continue, however I have slowly noticed a strange transition happening. Slowly I am moving from as endlessly energetic and adventurous tourist into a full-time

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First Month at Purdue, Indiana

Hi I’m Justin, I’m a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Southampton, and I’m spending my semester abroad at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. I’ll be using this blog to record my experience here and hopefully give an idea to

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A Birthday Abroad


After finally finding bin bags, I was able to empty the bins! Who knew that they’d keep the bin bags behind the counter in shops? After my week of settling in I have been keenly exploring Seoul visiting many of

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