My time in Hong Kong came to an abrupt end. What was meant to be a year turned into 4 months due to the protests. However, during these four months Hong Kong has become a home to me where I have made friends and memories for life!!

Hong Kong exceeded all expectations for me. Before going I assumed that it was a city full of skyscrapers. I really have found Hong Kong to be the best of all worlds – my campus was on a mountain yet I had the city and beautiful beaches on my doorstep. This meant you were never stuck for things to do from going on amazing hikes on the mountains, or beach days or trips at Victoria peak overlooking central Hong Kong.

Some highlights of my time in Hong Kong include Happy Valley Race Course. Happy Valley never failed to be a good night. Every Wednesday you could go and watch the races, whilst being in the middle of the city centre, surrounded by skyscrapers. The atmosphere was so much fun, however a millionaire it did not make me!!

It would be rude to not include Mr Wong’s in as one of my highlights. This was an all you can eat and drink buffet style restaurant full of international students. The drinking culture in Hong Kong was very difficult to England, but this did not mean we were stuck on places to go out and enjoy a bev. Mr Wongs was a favourite spot for my group of friends because it was such cheap food and a great atmosphere. Having such a good group of friends to explore Hong Kong with really changed my time here, it would not be the same without them. I am a strong believer that no matter how amazing a place is, it really is the people you share it with who that makes the difference to your experience. 

Finally, our hike to suicide cliff was a surreal experience and one I was glad my parents knew about after we had completed the hike because it is clear why it has this name. During the intense heat we went on a five hour hike, where at times you were walking through plants that were as tall as you, or walking on the side of the cliff face, or even rock climbing. The views you got on this hike were incredible, on the one side of the cliff you had the views of the green islands and on the other you overlooked the skyscrapers. This hike was made even more special because it was the last day trip as a group before it was made compulsory for us to come home.

Hong Kong’s location also meant that I had many opportunities to travel to other amazing places. During my four months I had the chance to go to Macau, Bali and Thailand. When I was away in these amazing places, you really do find yourself becoming home sick, not from England, but from Hong Kong. This is when it became. clear to me that Hong Kong truly was my new home.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to live in Hong Kong for the past four months. It saddens me that I will not being returning for semester two but I hope my semester in South Korea brings as much joy and fun as Hong Kong did. Bye for now but I’ll be back very soon Hong Kong!!

My Semester at CUHK

Issy Piercy

History Student.

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