Month one in Australia is done! And I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. Everyone I’ve spoken to has found that it both feels like we have been here forever, and that we just arrived yesterday.

The great thing about the way that time moves here is that I haven’t had one single spare moment to think about being homesick. And to be honest as much as I love Southampton its hard to miss it when you FaceTime your friends from the beach and see them wrapped up in layers with hair sopping from the rain…  😉

This month has been filled with starting to settle back into the rhythms of Uni and work …and a lot of partying: but mostly spending at least a few hours every day on the beach. The lifestyle here is incredibly outdoorsy as long as you take every opportunity. Summer was supposed to end last week and yet we have been relaxing in 30 degree sunshine every weekend since I arrived. Theres a tram that goes straight from the city centre to the beach front in about 20 mins and if thats not tempting i don’t know what is. We have been hiking in national parks, seeing the views of Adelaide from the hills, and just generally taking every opportunity to be in and around the city.

Its also been a lot easier to make friends than I thought it would be. All the other international kids have been thrown in the deep end EXACTLY the same way you will have been and that bonds you to people. And as long as in seminars and lectures you make an effort to talk to people its easy to make  friends there too! The pictures below are the river (right by campus), train views, and Belair National Park lower waterfall hike!

IMG_7318 IMG_7324 IMG_7341


Month 1 = Done

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