It is hard to believe that a month ago today after lots of goodbyes and 24 hours of travel I arrived here in Adelaide, on the other side of the world to my friends and family and suddenly everything felt very real!

Week 1

I arrived to my accommodation at the exact same time as one of my new housemates; it was very comforting to have someone in the exact same position to settle in with and work out all the new things together. I spent my first day unpacking and settling in before giving into sleep and jet lag way too early on!

The rest of the week consisted of starting to explore the city, welcome talks and BBQ s at the uni, as well as a trip to Victor Harbor. This trip definitely has to be the highlight of my first week! There we got to see some beautiful scenery, nearly be attacked by seagulls for our fish and chips and see some koalas and kangaroos. Seeing koalas and kangaroos was something I was so excited about in coming to Australia, and in the Wildlife Park we were able to feed the kangaroos (who seemed to much prefer the paper bags than the actual food!) and take some brilliant pictures.

Week 2

The start of lectures! Needless to say I wasn’t overly looking forward to three 9ams a week, but I was (somehow) able to cope. Luckily, my walk into uni take me along the beautiful River Torrens.

In between lectures I found time to take the tram down to Glenelg beach on a sunny day and explore there with some friends.

At the weekend I also visited the Adelaide Central Market which was absolutely packed full of people and some amazing food, so I definitely can’t wait to go there again!

Week 3

This week seminars started and I had to properly start adjusting to being back at uni already!

On the Friday we headed to the ESN bar crawl and I got overly excited when somewhere served Imperial (proper sized) pints!

I also headed to the zoo at the weekend which was such a fun day! We got to see loads of amazing animals, act like children as we messed around at the playground, watch the lions being fed and finish the day with a walk along the Torrens River.

Week 4

I finally gave in to the fact that I was definitely not prepared for how cold an Australian winter could get and went shopping for some warmer clothes; which were definitely useful when we went to an Aussie Rules Football Game. Although it has very confusing rules, it was very interesting to watch. We also managed to accidentally sit in the same area as the opposing team and ended up swapping sides at the prospect of free hats (oops, sorry Adelaide!). But luckily this swap meant that the team we were supporting won! So our area of the stadium had such a great atmosphere!

Sunday brought on another beach trip and a hike up some of the sand dunes in search of food!

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First Month in Adelaide

Natasha Skinner

Third year Law student currently studying in Adelaide

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