Unfortunately due to the global pandemic, my year abroad at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Boston was cut short very suddenly. With just three days to tie up the loose ends, how can you still make the most of your time?

  1. Attempt to clear out your desk without crying, but get interrupted by friends and coworkers saying goodbye, fire alarms, and an evacuation
  2. Buy all the crimson merch in the Harvard Campus store you’ve been eyeing up over the past year
  3. Hold an impromptu photoshoot around Harvard Yard wearing said Harvard merch
  4. Desperately try to use up all the groceries you bought two days ago when you thought you still had two months left
  5. Finally do the Freedom Trail from start to finish, which you have somehow so far neglected to complete, despite it being one of Boston’s best-known activities
  6. Grab a final lunch at your favourite cafe, using up your remaining dollars in cash to tip an absurd, but well deserved, amount
  7. Begin to pack up your room and realise there is no way everything you have acquired over the past year will fit in the two suitcases you arrived with
  8. Frantically rebook your flight home when it gets canceled last minute, and decide that the past 72 hours have been enough stress for a lifetime
Final 72 Hours in Boston

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