My name is Olivia, I am a year 3 psychology student . I choose the university of HongKong exchange program for semester 1. Before my exchange, I always looking forward to coming to HongKong, and then our university offered me this opportunity, it was a great honour that I can grab it. After my arriving at HongKong, I found it was a totally different and distinctive/fancy city, it is more like a combination of China and the U.K., their culture integrates not only eastern but also western.  Not until 1997, HongKong was cloned by the U.K, if you walked on the street or take the bus, you will find that the public facilities are so similar with the U.K, one of my British friend even said that there is no difference living in HongKong and the U.K. But still, HongKong belongs to China, the habit and lifestyle of HongKong people are still eastern, especially the food. I am enchanted by those delicious food and do not want to go home. Besides, located near the equator, HongKong will always in summer for the whole year, a thin T-shirt is enough for you.  Another name of HongKong is “shopping paradise”, except the house/land, everything is so cheap (compare with the U.K). Furthermore, if you come to HongKong, please don’t miss the mainland of China, you will find the fast development of China is beyond your imagination.

Now it is time to talk about my college life in the University of HongKong, first of all, you don’t have to worry about the language, most lectures are taught in English. Moreover, as mentioned above, the education system is also similar with the U.K, so I am pretty sure that you will be used to the lifestyle in the college soon.  Studying here, the high quality of education, the lecturers’ professional and responsible make you enjoy the study session all the time.

I just find some pictures of University of HongKong, if you are interested, check it!





Exchange Student At HKU

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