A bit of a placeholder post it must be said, however I think it’s safe to say that it’s very much in the best interests of my health to not indulge in doing some student travelling right about now, as the last thing you’d want to take back home as a souvenir is a case of COVID-19. So I’ve been enjoying some splendid isolation, revising for exams, and then doing said exams from the comfort of my own bedroom. A rather unusual experience I must confess, since there’s nothing quite like the ice-cold panic that you sense from your fellow classmates in an exam hall that just makes it all so special. Effectively these “exams” were basically essay assignments that lasted 90-120 minutes. Which I suppose is basically what most exams are when you boil them down it, but it still lacked the feel of a traditional exam thanks to the absence of friends and classmates.

But for the most part I think I managed to do quite well despite the unusual circumstances, and I’m now currently in the process of packing things up ready to move back to the UK. I wonder what it will be like considering that it will be my first time in a COVID-era England, and I’ve only been able to look on from abroad at all that’s been happening. But I suppose my daily routine won’t actually be too much different than what I’ve been doing in this second half of my year abroad. I’ll write a more conclusive post when I get back, but for now, it’s time to get clearing up.

Exam Season, and wrapping things up

James Carrigy

Hello! My name is James Michael Carrigy, I’m a 21 year old History student studying at Southampton, who perhaps somewhat foolishly plans to delay leaving university by fleeing the country for a year, to the tropical climes of Hong Kong. Areas of history that are of particular interest to me are Modern America, the Cold War, and cinematic depictions of history in popular culture. When I’m not delaying and putting off important work that contributes to my degree, I’m an avid cinema fan, an incredibly keen QuizBowl player, a casual swimmer, and a rather middling chess player. Oh, I can also play Acoustic/Electric guitar, as well as the drums, so I’m kind of into music as well? Here’s to a year of making many kinds of memories, mistakes, and mishaps!

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