Lectures and tutorials flew-by during the first month. In October I went to Seoul, Korea for a long weekend. It was such an eye-opening experience – Seoul is a fast-paced city, much like London, and the food was incredible!

For the first term, I studied four law electives: Private International Law, Hong Kong Legal System, Contract Law, and Legal Analysis and Argumentation. I also took one anthropology elective, Gender and Culture because I have always been interested in different cultures and gender ideology/norms.

One thing I noticed is that the lectures are more interactive compared to lectures in the UK. The professor will usually ask questions of the students throughout the lecture. The question is based on something in previous slides or pre-lecture materials. These interactive-style lectures were fun, but also a challenge for me at first. However, once I got more confident speaking in lectures it was fine. I am thankful that I learned this while studying at CUHK, because I will put this new found confidence to work during my upcoming year at the University of Southampton; it’s the final one…Cue it’s the Final Countdown song!!

Each elective I enrolled for is worth three units; this term I took five electives, which is a total of fifteen units. For the next term I’ve successfully enrolled for two electives: Human Rights and PRC Law. During the ‘add and drop’ period I will add three more electives, to make a total of five. I had to check how many electives I was required to do with the University of Southampton Exchange and Study Abroad office.

By the way, the ‘add and drop’ period is when you have the opportunity to add electives you wish to take during that term. You can also drop electives that you enrolled for during preliminary registration, but no longer wish to take. During the first term I delivered my applications directly by hand to the Law Department and Anthropology Department respectively. I found that the application method for electives depends on the specific department, as other exchange students were able to do this online. When I return to Hong Kong, after my fun-filled Christmas holiday in London, I would like to learn beginner Putongua (Mandarin). During the ‘add and drop’ period I will add an oral Putonghua elective and a grammar Putonghua elective to my term two timetable.

Please watch this space if you are interested in knowing about my exam experience at CUHK.

Edit: I ended up taking oral Putonghua as an elective and absolutely loved the experience of delving into studying a Chinese language and practicing the correct way to pronounce the four tones used in oral speaking. I was chuffed to have achieved an A- for that particular exam and I was pleased with my overall results in other electives as well.

Choosing electives and attending lectures at CUHK

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