Well. I hadn’t envisioned writing this last blog post on an evening train from London to Sheffield, powered by nothing other than Irn Brun and my intense hatred of the British rail system, but sometimes events take things out of

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Washington Square Park: my musical midday meals

Like in London, Paris or any other hub of human activity so centered around concrete buildings and fluorescent lighting, New Yorkers love their parks. No doubt your mind is first being drawn to the great Central Park, but I will be

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Dongguk University Summer School (South Korea)


My name is Sophie, I’m a Film Studies student at Southampton about to go into my third year of university and I just completed a month long summer school in South Korea. When applying to Southampton, I was immediately interested

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Summer School in Hong Kong, PolyU


When I first came to university, there were a lot of things I wanted to do and, for the most part, I’d achieved them when I came into my third year. However, I’d never studied abroad. I study Economics and,

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miRNA: “Let’s shoot the messenger!” (II)

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.34.49

A second layperson’s introduction to the research done by the Mahal laboratory. Before I go into details, let me just explain something known as The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology in simple terms. For the sake of argument, consider yourself,

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Pictorial Review of Hong Kong


My name is Marcus Lam, first year medical student from University of Southampton. This summer, I am conducting an 8 week research project on a Real-Time Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Colorectal Cancer during Colonoscopy at Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University

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