Fourth of July!

As you might expect, the 4th of July does not mean the same as it does to you. To me, it is not so much about liberty, freedom of religion, or even fair representation. Well over a hundred years after the

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Sweet and simple: a layperson’s introduction to my research (I)

Fig 2 blog 1

To whom it may concern, hello!, greetings, wassss upppppp!, and all other methods of saying hello on a blog… my name is Peter Latchem and I am a 4th year Chemist at the University of Southampton. I am taking part

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The Tassie Times


My steps follow the path to the airport, a tiny building similar to petrol stations in the UK.  Finally inside, I look around and see the smallest baggage line my eyes have ever witnessed. It’s empty but I can already

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Beer, Bikes and Bitterballen

Frazer Dom tower

Hello, my name is Frazer and I’m studying Geophysics at Universiteit Utrecht, in the Netherlands, for the next 5 months. After what seems like endless paperwork, planning and preparation, I’m finally here! I arrived on Wednesday without too much hassle.

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My year in Miami

Hey everyone! I have a blog going on Blogger about my year studying marine biology at the University of Miami. You can find it at the following link:

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In the Bonds: Experiencing Penn State’s Greek Life


Whilst studying abroad at Penn State I took up the opportunity to get involved in one of the most recognisable, albeit mysterious, parts of the American college scene….. Greek Life. Joining a fraternity was an incredible experience and allowed me to

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