おはようございます! (Good morning!) Today is the 5th in Sunny Japan and the cherry blossom season has just begun! Although I am still slightly jet lagged from the flight over, it has been exciting all the same! Currently I am in

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My YouTube Vlogging Channel!

My YouTube channel Hi everyone! I am currently on a nursing placement in Denmark as part of Southampton University’s Erasmus exchange. It’s only for 3 months but decided to keep a video blog ranging from topics about being a nursing

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Beer, Bikes and Bitterballen

Frazer Dom tower

Hello, my name is Frazer and I’m studying Geophysics at Universiteit Utrecht, in the Netherlands, for the next 5 months. After what seems like endless paperwork, planning and preparation, I’m finally here! I arrived on Wednesday without too much hassle.

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Edward Dunn, Potsdam October 2016


My name’s Edward Dunn and I’ve been in Potsdam (Germany) for about two weeks now and I am feeling very settled in. It’s strange, because I feel like the friends I’ve made here, the experiences I’ve had and the memories

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Summer abroad in California

This summer I spent 8 weeks studying at the University of California, Berkeley and all I can really say is that the experience was amazing and I enjoyed every single moment of it, not once did I feel homesick. I

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University in Madrid: politics, relaxed exams and a lack of lined paper

My year abroad has come to an end! A lot has happened in the last few months, but, seeing as I spent the year as a student, I thought I’d focus this post on the differences between my home university

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