I’m feeling too sensitive to do proper work so I thought I’d write another blog post about my first full week here. So where did I get up to last time…

Okay finally got wifi working on my laptop and found I got up to Tuesday, that was hard. So;

20th July

Pretty sure we just went shopping again… I’ve been to Coles and Woolies so much to get random bits and bobs. Also, funny story, when I was younger and saw Woolworths in Australia after they closed in Britain, I got so excited that they were here… But no, it’s a supermarket. Okay, not that funny but heyho. We also went to a union organised Pub Quiz and almost won! I may have lost it for us… We were in joint second place and so one person from each team had to go answer a question head to head. My team sent me because I kept claiming to be Australian (I did get a fair few questions right…?) But yeah turns out I don’t know the two official animals of Australia. They are two animals that can’t walk backwards (#funfact) – the emu and kangaroo.

I’m going to move to Thursday because I actually remember this day;

21st July

So today was the day I felt like such a tourist. We took a day trip to Granite Island and Victor Harbour which is a cute seaside town for old people, and I had an amazing latte! We were promised penguins on Granite Island, but nope, just birds that kind of looked like penguins, so we decided that the Australians think they’re penguins…. But they’re wrong. Anyway, then we went to Urimbirra Fauna Park. It. Was. Amazing. I’ve seen kangaroos and whatnot a fair few times from previous holidays here, but the first one I saw, I got so excited… quite embarrassing actually… They were so soft! (It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!) Also learnt something, there is a smaller marsupial than a wallaby (which is smaller than a kangaroo) – a pademelon! I will attach a load of pictures from today in this post. We then had our first night out in Adelaide that evening where we went to this club called the Fat Controller which was not good. Supposedly it’s better on other nights? But $15 entry. Then we went to a place called Duke which had the best cheesy tunes – they played the whole of Bohemian Rhapsody – I was happy. Got back at 2am and skyped the gals from home which was great and then crashed.

22nd July

Not actually sure what happened on Friday… the market? No that was Saturday… Oh yeah, lazy day with just a gym session and went to the shops again I think. Anyway, then we pre’d downstairs and spontaneously went for pancakes at midnight! There is this 24 hour pancake house about 5 minutes away, so will definitely be going there again.

23rd July

So we went to the central market after a gym session and it has fruit and veg so much cheaper than in the supermarkets! I got two full bags for about $12. It was cute and exciting and going to go again this weekend to refill on food. We also went out on Saturday night, and I’m going to be honest (sorry Ma), I don’t remember most the night… It’s the goon… so that happened and Sunday was…

25th July

So Monday was the fir

Listening to waiting for love by Avici and as I typed Monday he sang Monday. Thought it was cool.

Sorry, so Monday was the first day of lectures for most people, but not psychologists! Monday we went to campus for free food and then went shopping…. In all fairness, it was pouring down and going into the shops was a reward for dealing with the weather when England has been so beautiful and sunny… that’s logical right? Oh I definitely bought a leather jacket before today because I wore it out on Saturday… Ma told me I wouldn’t need my leather jacket, the only thing I listened to her about when it came to clothes packing -_- . I bought a cardigan this day though, very shnuggly. This is probably really boring for everyone, sorry…

26th July

Okay so today I actually started third year! I had two lectures: Psychology in Society and Advanced Stats. I may have had a minor worry because they use R not SPSS here and I didn’t want to learn a whole new program for a semester when I took the course to help my diss research when I get back to Soton – but a friend kindly pointed out that Soton also teaches R in their advanced stats… So I stopped being an idiot. It rained a lot too on Tuesday. I spent the evening typing notes and being keen (are you proud Ma??).

27th July

This was yesterday. So I had my final lecture of the three modules I’m taking here: Health and Lifespan Development – the lecturer is so sassy and weird, this should be a good module. Worked a bit more on campus before going home and drinking and chilling with the girls before going out to a club called Sugar.

Basically the first week and a half have been so much fun and Adelaide – as cold as it’s been – is a cool city. The campus is slowly feeling homelier; I have yet to find a Bridge equivalent. Though, I have joined their Theatrical Society so my life can continue to revolve around PA even when I’m on the other side of the world.

Oh I thought of something funny (subjective statement): outside the club last night, this guy was asking where I was from and my friends said England, but I said Australia – and he believed me – clearly my accent isn’t awful. I convinced him I was from Sydney, and my Ma was born in Melbourne. He laughed and said he was going to try and stitch me up because he thought I was English, but because I’m Australian he gave me a hug.

Right, enough ramble and waffle, I’m going to try and be productive. I’m impressed if anyone managed to stick with this whole post! I’d say I promise to make the next one more interesting, but…

P x

A koala selfie
A koala selfie
Feeding kangaroos at Urimbirra
Feeding kangaroos at Urimbirra
Granite Island
Granite Island
A Recap of My First Week (and a half) in Adelaide

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